Beirut: Bodies in Public

A three-day workshop inviting artists and researchers to think through the interdisciplinary concerns surrounding performance in public space in Beirut

i see what we see

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Today on the Corniche, we invite you to be part of a growing archive of interventions in multiple cities initiated by Tracing the Pathway collective. Download the audio file below to listen to instructions, and pick up a walking menu from the Naked Wagon.

Click through to download.

If art in public spaces does not exist any more then where is the public sited in performance? What does it mean to perform public?

In our age of overwhelming connectedness our understanding of what is public is radically shifting. We broadcast from our homes, and seek privacy in crowded streets, but still the performing body remains hidden from public consciousness. i see what we see is a corporeal intervention to amplify the visibility of a performing body, your body, in the cityscape of Beirut.

Sited on the Naked Wagon, at the Cornice, you will be invited to respond to an Audio Guide and menu object which will provoke you to produce your own performative encounter in the Corniche area. Engendering participants-as-performers the menu is designed to act as a framework for your walk, holistically engaging you in how your bodily experience might be manifested in and for the eyes of another, prompting a personal public reflection on the socio-cultural conditions of the performing body.

Participants are encouraged to walk alone with a digital device for recording your journey; an act of solitude on public mass. After your walk you are invited to upload any record you have made to the archive website. In an act of collective posthuman cartography the documentation will create an online, public, organic installation that will re-site participants’ experiences of their performing body in Beirut.

The archive will grow and develop as i see what we see migrates to new territories and terrains to create a perspicacity of multiple pathways for bodies to encounter public places.

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