Beirut: Bodies in Public

A three-day workshop inviting artists and researchers to think through the interdisciplinary concerns surrounding performance in public space in Beirut

Artist in Residence


As  a  response  to  the  lack  of  public  spaces  and  creative  outlets  in  the  Lebanese   culture,  the  Naked  Wagon was born to  provide  a   peripatetic  platform  that  contextualizes a public space into a creative setting. On and around it, the space becomes a point of free exchange and focalization, of conversation, collaboration and performance. In the past year, the project has evolved as the wagon visited several spaces in Lebanon, exploring different approaches and engaging diverse communities, all of which has have helped  shape its versatile identity. Beirut : Bodies in Public is an opportunity for the Naked Wagon to think critically and act within the rich discourse around the prospect of public performance in Lebanon.

wagon - BODIES IN PUBLIC COVER 2greenyThroughout the  three day  event,  the  wagon  will  be  stationed  in  different  locations  on-­site, inviting the audience and participants alike to articulate and collectively respond to the topics being raised. While deploying an open structure of provided materials and props, the space will foster spontaneity of thought and action to vitalise the role of an “active participant”. The wagon’s naked body will therefore mirror the dynamic nature of the program, animating the themes and expanding them to the entirety of the workshop’s context.

The  ideas and gestures gathered during the days will help compose the content of a  final  performance  piece  that  intends  to  engage a wider audience and bring  Beirut:  Bodies  in  Public   back  to  the  public. This performance aims to blur the line between performer and audience by decomposing and re-appropriating their roles to a real-life situation.

For this, we will begin by asking the public:

Are you an audience, Are you a performer, or are you both?
(Reply here)

See you on the road,

-the Naked Wagon-

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